1. Reduce the cost of electricity:

Improve power factor to bring the advantages of engineering and economics, especially reducing electricity bills.
In phase electricity use prescribed limits. The reactive power consumption exceeds 40% of the energy effect (tgφ> 0.4: this is worth agreement with the power supply company), the reactive energy use monthly pay rates current.
Therefore, the total reactive energy is charged for time used will be: kVAr (pay) = kWh (tgφ - 0.4)
Despite the advantage of reducing the electricity bill, the user should consider the cost factor due to procurement, installation and maintenance of capacitors to improve power factor.
2. Economic Optimisation - Technical:

Power factor improvement allows the use of transformers, switchgear and cables etc ... smaller while reducing power loss and voltage drop in the electrical network.
High power factor allows optimization of power supply elements. Then the electrical equipment without the excess. However, to achieve the best results, it should be placed next to each element converged edge device reactive power consumption

When designing compensation cabinet, without proper attention to safety issues, in the process of operating our sometimes forgotten until capacitor operation gay flutter harmful impacts to the electrical system and the design of the entire electrical network. Therefore safety is always our top priority when designing and renovating compensation cabinet. Parallel to that we also consider the cost of investment and maintenance for 3 years to offset cabinet making cabinets offset configuration meets the criteria of safety, reliability and unbeatable price.

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